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Why a planner in 2020?  

With all the gadgets and digital apps available within the thousands, why do we still need hard copy planners? Simple. Because study after study shows that writing things down motivates you to complete the task by an extraordinary 42%! 

Why the Female Founder Planner? 

We know it’s terrifying to start your own business. Swirling over your head are concerns of whether you have the proper time, funding, and support system to begin with. Not to mention the deep-rooted fear of failure looming in your mind.   

Therefore we created the Female Founder Planner. Your personal business coach, conveniently packed as a planner, book and journal. Designed with a proprietary methodology giving you an honest, step-by-step approach from planning to execution, helping you stay on track of your dreams and goals. 

Gain the knowledge and confidence to start your own business with the Female Founder Planner. Your passion-driven year awaits. Are you ready? 

Why is this important? 

The Female Founder Planner’s goal is to support you in starting your business, and the world needs more female founders. Why? Research shows that companies that have women on their corporate boards are more focused on environmental, social, and governance issues than companies with no female board members. “This is not a women’s or men’s issue, it’s a collective and business opportunity,” say Kellie McElhaney, founder of the Centre for Gender Equity & Leadership at the University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.  

We need this diversity and inclusivity. We need to encourage and support diversity of thought, of perspective, of lived experience, and of personalities.